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Laurent, Photo sensibility

Laurent's images have become a medium for his artistic creativity and his quest for the aesthetic.

Laurent is a dreamer, a sensitive and poetic artist who focuses on pictorial analog photography. With each shot he explores, with gut feelings, life's deeper questions, all to the rhythm of his own sensitivity and deepest emotions. He creates his photographs as a painter would, playing with matter and texture while focusing on consistency, light and framing.

Against current, Laurent is is in quest of poetic imagery, mi conceptual, mi descriptive, soft and sensual, the image Laurent is an invitation to the dream and a proposition to your inner journey into your own memories

« Laurent invokes in image what one feels inside, a quiet sensuality that permeates the flesh and connects to you to another time and other world » V.W.

For the last 12 years Laurent has enjoyed working with all types of instant films while developing different themes: “movement”, “erring”, and “intimacy” which he immortalizes with sensitivity and discretion.

Laurent presents both original instant photography that creates more intimacy with the viewer and large prints to enable us to apprehend the subtleties of the colors and imperfections of the image.


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